About Freedom Social Skills

Founded in 2019, Freedom Social Skills is an inclusive, comprehensive and highly regarded professional service provider for children with developmental delays.

We help children with autism spectrum disorders and other learning difficulties through the use of applied behaviour therapy and early intervention strategies.

Our particular focus is on social skill development. We provide a number of social skills classes for children aged 3 – 18 years.

Professional service provider for children with developmental delays.

Our Mission

To create a fun and natural environment that supports the development of  social skills, communication skills and emotion-regulation in children. Our aim is to ensure our students are learning skills, which will increase their independence, social connection and over all quality of life.

Meet The Team

Julie Davidson

Emma Davidson

Clinical Director and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

About Emma
Emma is a Psychology Graduate from the University of Wollongong and has a Masters in Education (Applied Behaviour Analysis) from Monash University
With over 12 years experience providing Behavioural Intervention to children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum and those with various other Developmental Disabilities. Emma is passionate about utilising the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in play-based and evidence based intervention to make positive changes to the lives of children and families around Australia.
Her mission at Freedom Social Skills is to ensure that children with special needs are nurtured in a supportive and inclusive community and given equal opportunities to thrive as they grow.
Julie Davidson

April Cussen

Certified Behaviour Analyst

About April
During the past 5 years of working in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis, April has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Psychology Extension) and in this most recent November of 2022, finished her Master of Applied Behaviour Analysis with distinction. In addition, she has just finished her total of 2000 supervision hours and is now a Certified Behaviour Analysis.
In the most recent two years, April has had the opportunity to work with various teenagers and adults with varying learning difficulties, working specifically on daily living skills, community access and also their transition to adolescence. Specifically, her passion resides within early intervention and primary school aged children.
Melissa Davidson

Melissa Davidson

Senior Behaviour Therapist and Social Skills Program Supervisor

About Mel
Melissa is currently working as a Teacher in classrooms around Sydney whilst she completes her final year in a Bachelor of Primary Education. Prior to this Mel was working as a swimming teacher for 3 years. Mel has completed her ABA therapy training and she has also been working at Freedom Social Skills providing Behavioural Intervention Services for the last 2 years.
“My favourite things to be doing are reading books and playing with my puppies!”
Nicole Carvalho

Nicole Carvalho


About Nicole
Nicole has been working as part of the Freedom Social Skills team since 2021 and is passionate about providing children with the necessary skills they need to navigate through life. She has been working in customer focussed roles for the past 8 years. Nicole’s incredible attention to detail, organisation and client communication skills makes her an invaluable asset to our clients and families.
 “I enjoy reading and playing video games in my spare time.”
Dianne Scott

Dianne Scott

Senior Behaviour Therapist

About Di
Dianne has been working as an early childhood educator for over 25 years, has spent over 3 years working for Freedom Social Skills as a behaviour therapist and is our class leader our Teenage Girls classes.
Dianne has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and a passion for helping children with ASD achieve their full potential. Dianne has also received her training in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Behavioural Intervention. 
“I really enjoy my work at Freedom Social Skills as it motivates me to further develop my career in child education. I love my family time, plants and painting.”
Neelam Sapkota

Daisy Waugh

Senior Behaviour Therapist and Class Facilitator

About Daisy
Daisy completed her Bachelor of Psychology (Arts) at Wollongong University in 2022 and in 2023 completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) at Federation University, Victoria. 
Daisy has been working in ABA since February 2023. She has worked with a range of clients aged 3-18 in daycare, clinic and home based settings. Daisy has an extensive history working with children and was a family nanny for three years. 
Currently Daisy is undertaking training to become a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner. 
Deborah Jalloh

Deborah Jalloh

Senior Behaviour Therapist and Class Facilitator

About Deb
Deborah has completed a Bachelor of Psychology at the Australian Catholic University. Deb is now completing her Masters to become a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. 
She has previously volunteered at Reading for Life which assists children from low socio-economic status with literacy and numeracy skills.
“I have a passion for working with kids and implementing ABA therapy as I find each session extremely rewarding and unique. I love working at Freedom Social Skills because it honestly feels like such a safe space for our families and staff.” 
Ashley Crofton

Ashley Crofton

Senior Behaviour Therapist 

About Ashley
Ashley is currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. She has spent three years working as a medical receptionist part time. Ash has completed her training in Behavioural Intervention and ABA therapy and worked in this position for over 12 months. Ash holds a volunteer position assisting the Sutherland Titan Soccer Club to help children and teens with disabilities participate in team sports. Ashley is passionate about supporting and helping children to achieve their goals in a fun and encouraging environment. In her down time Ashely loves to play soccer and swim. She enjoys being a Youth Leader and also loves to spend time with her friends. 
Neelam Sapkota

Paul Ryland

Behaviour Therapist and Class Facilitator

About Paul
Paul is studying a Bachelor of Psychology with Macquarie University. Paul enjoys providing support and therapy assistance to a diverse population of students and works hard to take his knowledge from his degree and put this into practice with his clients. Paul is very active, enthusiastic and passionate getting along well with all his clients.
Paul is passionate about working towards Social Equity, with a long history of volunteering for Criminal and AOD rehabilitation working closely with individuals for extended periods of time. Pauls maintains a philosophical approach to his work and life drawing predominantly from Taoism with a strict adherence to research for problem solving. In his personal life Paul is very interested in plants and animals. During his time away from work Paul is a snowboarder, skateboarder, practices Tai Chi, enjoys art, reading and writing and studying philosophy, history, science, in particular metaphysics. Paul also loves to play Minecraft and Dungeons & Dragons and is involved in teaching our students these games.
Neelam Sapkota

Vanessa Souza

Behaviour Therapist and Class Facilitator

About Vanessa
Vanessa has completed an Allied Health Cert IV in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy and has previously run fitness classes specific for kids and adults with disabilities. She hopes to provide children with assistance in developing their skills as well as help them achieve their full potential.
“My hobbies include exercising, weight training, watching movies and spending time with family and friends.”
Neelam Sapkota

Alyson Parker

Behaviour Therapist and Class Facilitator

About Aly
Alyson is currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at the University of Notre Dame. She has previously volunteered as a Sports Coach for five years, working closely with kids with disabilities.
Having previously started studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education she realised through working with Freedom Social Skills that her true passion lies in helping children with disabilities.
Alyson is passionate about creating trusting relationships with her clients whilst also giving them the skills that they need to succeed in all aspects of their lives.
In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym, playing soccer and reading. 
Hamzah Alameddin

Hamzah Alameddin

Behaviour Therapist and Class Facilitator 

About Hamzah
Hamzah completed his Bachelor of Psychology in 2023 and is currently completing a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Honours) at Macquarie University in 2024. Hamzah has been working in ABA since 2021 and has three years of experience leading and facilitating Social Skills classes. Hamzah’s founded passion for helping children achieve and unlock their behavioural and socio-cognitive milestones has driven him to pursue a planned future career in Pediatric Clinical Psychology.
“My approach to ABA is to make the activities fun and humorous with the right amount of structure, so that children can look forward to improving and growing”
Neelam Sapkota

María Agustina Morales

Behaviour Therapist

About Maria
María grew up in Argentina, and studied a Bachelor Degree in Psychology as well as Speech and Language Therapy. She is also certified in bimodal communication. She has been working with children, families, and in schools for more than 5 years, helping children with improving their skills and language. María has previous experience working in public hospitals, clinics, and in schools, collaborating with teachers and other professionals in order to gain and share knowledge that has helped improve her daily practices while working with children.“I love to help families and children succeed in improving their skills.” María’s hobbies include swimming and walking around the beach.
Neelam Sapkota

Zoe Stephen

Behaviour Therapist and Minecraft Class Facilitator

About Zoe
Zoe is currently studying a double degree of Psychological Science & Social Science, majoring in Criminology.
She is interested in a career in psychology and is hoping to become a School Counsellor or working in a similar role.
Zoe is passionate about helping young people achieve their potential and hopes to make a career out of this.
Her hobbies include playing games, creating art, and listening to music.
Zoe grew up playing Minecraft and finds it rewarding and nostalgic to help our clients in our Online Minecraft Social Skills Classes.
Julie Davidson

Julie Davidson

Office Manager

About Julie
Julie keeps our office running smoothly. She has worked in a variety of industries within Administration, Office Management and Sales and joined the Freedom Social Skills team in 2020.
Neelam Sapkota

Phoebe Mills

Marketing and Administration Assistant 

About Phoebe
Phoebe is another member of our admin team. Phoebe’s professional background is in events coordination and management but is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education.

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