Programs for Children with Autism

Our child development programs teach important play, communication, independence and teamwork skills for children aged 3-18, who are on the Autism Spectrum or for any child with a learning disability or delay. 

Our goal is to provide our students with a toolbox they can rely on to build and maintain positive relationships within their family, peer group and community. We improve social skills through individualised social skills activities and tailored programs.

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Our Services

Our Services - Behaviour Intervention

ABA Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis is an effective and scientific approach to understanding and changing human behaviour. It helps by using a range of therapies and techniques.

Our Services - Social Skills


Social Skill activities, teach children with learning difficulties, and support the development of social, communication and emotional-regulation skills, in natural and fun environment

Our Services - Minecraft Classes


Learn Social Skills online. Our Minecraft Groups allow you to meet with like minded peers around Australia to play games. 

Our Services - School Readiness


Our school readiness groups are designed for preschooler’s to build social skills, groupskills, early academic skills as well as  fine motor and gross motor abilities.

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