Social development in early childhood

Freedom Social Skills utilise the evidence based practices of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to deliver effective and individualised intervention to children and teenagers with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

ABA is a scientific approach to understanding behaviour, social skills and communication. Our programs are designed to help children on the Autism Spectrum learn, practice and apply everyday life skills.  Our programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of every child. Our therapists strive to create an atmosphere that is fun and engaging, while focusing on the development of effective social behaviours and communication. We use a variety of activities, such as games, play activities, and role-plays, to teach children how to interact with others in both structured and unstructured settings.

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We understand each child is unique and requires different teaching strategies; our program focuses on building positive relationships with each child through frequent monitoring and refinement of our intervention plans. The goal of our program is for each child to acquire the critical skills needed for successful social interactions in their daily lives.

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis

ABA involves the practical application of the science of learning and behaviour. It is a flexible and evidence-based approach to treatment which can help children and teenagers learn a variety of new skills, that are socially significant across various developmental domains. It is the gold standard in treating children with Autism and Learning difficulties.

ABA is the process of understanding how our environment shapes our behaviour. Through teaching and making adaptations to our environment, we can facilitate behaviour change.

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Benefits of Applied Behaviour Analysis


By applying the methods of ABA, we help improve:

  • Reduction in challenging behaviour
  • Improved independence
  • Daily living skills
  • Play and social skills
  • Academic and cognitive skills
  • Communication and language skills


Is ABA right for my child?

ABA treatments look different for everyone – adults and children alike. All of our treatment programs are tailored to the individual. Following your enquiry, we will assess your child and provide a recommended personalised development plan.

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